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We are using a virtual platform for this hybrid conference and all presentations, including in-person talks, will be pre-recorded and hosted on the virtual platform to provide better visibility and access to your technical contributions even after the conclusion of congress.
For the virtual congress, the recorded videos will be played while you are requested to be online for the Q&A/ discussions.


You may choose to record your presentation/ slide show using PowerPoint (click here for instructions), Zoom (click here for a quick tutorial) or any other platform of your convenience. Once you are satisfied with the video, kindly save it with the filename in the given format -. For example, if the abstract number is 998 and the presenter’s last name is James, the filename should be 998-James.  Next, send the file to us via WeTransfer, Google Drive or Dropbox. You are requested to record your presentation as per the guidelines mentioned and send it to us (secretariat@icsv28.org) by 12 noon, 03 August (Singapore Time). In absence of the videos, the chairs will skip the respective presentation and move to the next presentation.


We encourage you to use the enclosed Virtual Background for your video recording for uniformity across presentations


Do not exceed the time assigned for your presentation; which is 12 minutes for the presentation and 03 minutes for Q&A/ discussion. In case the video is found to exceed the time allotted, the video may be stopped and the session will continue with the next presentation. So, please follow the time allocation religiously.


The latest program/ scedule (session date & timings) will be found on this website and instructions to join for you to join your session will be shared with you shortly.

We strongly recommend and request all in-person presentations also be pre-recorded and a copy be provided for hosting on the virtual platform for future access. This will also help your talks to be viewed and appreciated by a wider scientific community and add value to our congress.

Please download the VIRTUAL BACKGROUND and PPT TEMPLATE for your use while recording your presentations by CLICKING HERE

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